Top 5 festival camping hacks with common household items

Packing for a festival can be really difficult. Especially if you're not able to get there by car or camp beside your car. Even if you have a car it can be a mission to fit everything in. So what do you take? We trawled the web for the best camping hacks with household items.
You've probably got most of this stuff in your cupboard already! 

1. Zip Ties

Zip Tie

They hardly take up any space but zip ties are our #1 when it comes to fixing things around the campsite. 

2. Duct Tape


The best friend of the old mate zip tie is Mr. Duct Tape. Pretty much the strongest tape you'll find anywhere, duct tape is perfect for fixing leaks, naming drinks, writing duct tape messages on the side of your tent, taping chairs back together and 21% of medical scientists say it has healing qualities too. 

3. Snaplock Bag

Who needs a fancy waterproof phone case when you can use a snaplock bag! 

4. An empty water bottle


You've just put up your tent in scorching heat. What's next? A drink before the real drink right? Most festivals provide somewhere to refill your water bottle so you'll save a heap of cashola (not to mention extra plastic) if you take one along. 

5. Spare batteries



Ain't nothing worse than turning your torch on only to realise there is no light coming out of that bad boy. Test all of your battery powered stuff and stock up before you go.