Our Story

Hey I'm Viv,

I'm a music fan, globetrotter and have been to many festivals in lots of different countries. From Glastonbury to Sziget to Big Day Out and Splendour in the Grass, I've had a ball at them all and picked up a few festival hacks along the way. 

I was sitting at my festival campsite at Falls Festival in Australia one day, thinking about why I forgot my portable phone charger - which resulted in me losing all my friends - and I thought to myself... what if there was a place online where you could be reminded of and buy all the mundane things a person needs when they go to a music festival? And so the Festival Supply Co. idea was born. 

My experience at music festivals across the globe and the useful items I've picked up along the way are the inspiration for this site. After all, you're probably here because you've just booked tickets to a festival right?

At Festival Supply Co. you'll find all the stuff you need and all the stuff you probably normally forget. Hopefully there's something here that will make your festival experience more enjoyable. Festivals are about enjoying yourself after all. 

Don't stop dancing till dawn,